Clear Comm Consulting

Know your audience and exceed their expectations.

5 Steps to Clear Communication

1. Know the single most important point you need to get across.

2. Know exactly who you are talking to and what they expect.

3. Exceed that audience’s expectations.

4. Use all of the communication tools, not just your words.

5. Expect the unexpected.

Training leaders to be more effective communicators.

ClearComm trains top executives and government leaders to be more effective communicators. Whether preparing for a network television appearance or a key public meeting, ClearComm is there to help make the most of each opportunity. ClearComm clients do business all over the world and they count on ClearComm to help them get their messages to their most important audiences.

ClearComm was founded by longtime broadcaster Cary Pfeffer, who has worked as a news reporter and anchor in Los Angeles and Phoenix and had his reporting featured on NBC, CBS, CNN and profiled in the New York Times. Cary plays a personal role in each ClearComm project.

How can ClearComm work for me?

As a committed communication partner
Put ClearComm and Cary Pfeffer on your team to help in every aspect of your operation. From training key players to helping formulate important messages and preparing for key meetings or setting up a crisis communication plan, ClearComm is built to work with its partners at every level.

On special assignment
When an important project is in the works and special expertise is needed, ClearComm stands ready. If media or high level public interaction is something new to you, this is a way to get the background and knowledge that will make a huge difference.

Speeches, seminars and workshops
Getting your team together to help move to the next level? Now is the time to make them better and a ClearComm seminar is just what leaders all across the country have used to put their team ahead of the competition.

Video production
Nothing gets the point across as clearly as a picture. With access to the top video production facilities in the Southwest, ClearComm (Winner of 2004, 2005 and 2006 National Telly Awards) can provide the polished look that your project needs to stand out. We also provide voice overs and writing services, click here to learn more!