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The Monthly Memo.

What Do We Portray by How We Dress and Why It Matters

Perhaps this is a question which rarely crosses your mind. Or, as a leader, employer or HR professional, maybe this thought hasn’t come to you quite this way. Here’s the question: What do we portray when we head out the door? Are we putting on clothes that are a good...

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The New Idea and How to Present It

New ways of thinking and changing the way someone does their job or approaches their work can be a mountain to climb. You can expect comments like “What, we’re changing things? What’s wrong with the way we’ve been doing it? I was just getting used to the way we do it...

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How to Address Your Team on Delicate Issues

The events of the last 30 days have sparked a lot of discussion about handling delicate issues at work. What happens when the topic of the Presidential election comes up and what if the discussion gets heated? What should leaders say, if anything, on this topic and is...

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Is Fall Your Time to Refocus and Begin Again?

Maybe it has to do with the beginning of the school year? Maybe it is the change in seasons? Perhaps it is the end of ‘vacation time’ and the need to ‘get back to work.’ For many of us, the fall is a time to refocus and reset. I was reminded of that rhythm a few...

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Have you ever received a text with a hidden message?

Think about that for a second. A text is usually just a few words on a screen. How can it carry a hidden message? Especially when it is something basic. Have you read “fine”, “okay” or “got it” and instantly knew something was wrong? The topic came up when a friend...

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How to Get Them Back When an Audience Stops Paying Attention

Whether you are talking with the boss, a new client or an audience of 300 people, what happens when they stop listening? How do you get them back? It can happen in any set of circumstances for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s our own fault. Sometimes the...

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